Audition Listings Tagged: Horror movies

Auditions in Chicago for Short Horror Film

Seeking Actors/Actresses for Short Horror Thriller Film-“Bay For Blood” Location: Chicago, IL Type: Film “Bay For Blood” Plot Summary (15 min): James and Rob are hiding out in isolation to fix their mutual issues. As time progresses the two reveal facts regarding their disturbing past relationship. An acquaintance of James’, Jessica, finds herself in an […]

Horror Movie Acting Auditions in Atlanta Georgia

Casting For Horror Short Film Location: Atlanta, Georgia Type: Film Vid T Yo! Artist is currently looking to cast for our upcoming horror short film. “Evil by Faith” takes place in the early 2000s. After an interaction with a fallen angel, Ada, descends into madness which effects a group of nearby travelers. Ada – (25 […]

Auditions in Chattanooga TN for Lead Roles in “The Ominous Project” Found Footage Indie Horror Film

“The Ominous Project” Indie Found Footage Horror Movie Location: Northern Georgia – Chattanooga, Tennessee Type: Film “The Ominous Project” Found Footage Indie Horror Film EXTENDED CASTING CALL: Due to a high volume of submissions for this film, we are extending the casting opportunity until June 28th, 2017. Roles that are still up for casting are […]

Auditions in NYC for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Style Indie Movie Production “Klaws”

KLAWS Location: New York, New York Type: Film This is grindhouse/horror/arthouse film that positions itself as a “1975 Texas Chainsaw Massacre style” completely independent film. I have been writing an 80 page script titled “Klaws” for the past two years. The story surrounds an ancient cult within the christian religion that predicts the rise of […]