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Actors in NC for Horror Short Film

Casting For Short Horror Story Location: Charlotte NC Type: Film Independent film production company is currently casting for a short horror story. Looking for a Caucasian female between the age of 20-25, slim, medium, to average build. Production of the film will take place between Mid October until early November in Charlotte NC. If seriously […]

Actress for Indie Horror Film In Chicago

Casting Female Lead In Indie Short Horror Film Location: Chicago, Illinois Type: Film Seeking an actress to perform two short scenes in a short horror film that require nudity. Your shoot can be done in an hour and pay is $100 cash. Headshot and resume. If interested you will be contacted with the directors reel […]

Actress in Chicago for Indie Horror Film

Casting Indie Short Horror Film Location: Chicago, Illinois Type: Film The short ‘The Other Side of the Window’ is a film with a single actor and no dialogue. It’s the story of a woman getting ready to go out who is haunted by a tapping at her window, though she’s on the second floor. I’m […]

Casting Call in Chicago for Short Horror Movie

Casting Indie Short Horror Film: ANNIVERSARY Location: Chicago, Illinois Type: Film ANNIVERSARY is a short horror film. It’s the anniversary of Kyra’s boyfriends death in a traffic accident. One of her boyfriends quirks was that he would leave notes for her around the apartment. But on this anniversary she begins finding notes left for her […]

Auditions in Chicago for Short Horror Film

Seeking Actors/Actresses for Short Horror Thriller Film-“Bay For Blood” Location: Chicago, IL Type: Film “Bay For Blood” Plot Summary (15 min): James and Rob are hiding out in isolation to fix their mutual issues. As time progresses the two reveal facts regarding their disturbing past relationship. An acquaintance of James’, Jessica, finds herself in an […]

Horror Movie Acting Auditions in Atlanta Georgia

Casting For Horror Short Film Location: Atlanta, Georgia Type: Film Vid T Yo! Artist is currently looking to cast for our upcoming horror short film. “Evil by Faith” takes place in the early 2000s. After an interaction with a fallen angel, Ada, descends into madness which effects a group of nearby travelers. Ada – (25 […]