Castings and Auditions for Stafford

Auditions in Stafford, Connecticut for Short Film “Betrayed”

Betrayed A fantasy Short Location: Stafford, Connecticut Type: Film Casting a dramatic movie short, Betrayed for the web. Seeking young fantasy-based characters as a companion to The Realm web series, which concluded its 2nd season in June 2016. The Realm currently in pre-production with a full-length feature to complete its story arc. Synopsis: Betrayed is… Read More »

Auditions in Stafford, UK for Web Series “Sugar Free”

‘Sugar Free’ is an upcoming online YouTube series consisting of three four to five minute videos. The series follows Peter, a man trying desperately to lose weight and improve his self image who starts takes his dieting plans a tad too extremely. Despite its subject matter, the series will take a comic cartoon-like tone, with plenty of over the top imagine spots and an exaggerated look at Pete’s struggle.