OPEN CASTING CALL – Feature Film – “Destiny Road” – Atlanta


Destiny Road Casting
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location: Atlanta, Ga.

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OPEN CASTING CALL – Feature Film – “Destiny Road”

Movie Synopsis:
A short film of six degrees of separation follows the lives of two strangers who share a common passion but experience it from two different sides of the spectrum Mike Lee and Addm Fears. Mike played by actor/director/musician (Micah Lee) is an arrogant successful young record executive with a playboy lifestyle. He is often haunted by his past and some bad decisions that he has made and deep down he represses a borderline indifferent remorse. He conveniently forgets about his inevitable karma by enjoying fast women, fast cars, and fast money, as all of these are conducive to his success. Fears, on the other hand is a struggling artist with limitless talent but huge financial restraint. Fears is very passionate about his craft but is confined to the limits of his resources. As times get harder and harder for the young artist and pressures of having to support himself and his family set in Fears turns to alternate methods of generating income to help feed his family and finance his career and ultimately lead to his success. But when the paths cross of Mike and Fears the forces beyond our control finally brings Fears his long deserved success and forces Mike to pay his debt for the skeletons he has stashed in his closet.

Audition Date: *Saturday, August 4 2012*

Time: 3pm – 8pm
Location: Twelve hotel 400 West Peachtree Street Atlanta Ga. Parking available in front of the W hotel located beside the twelve on Ivan Allen Jr Blvd
Shoot Date: Approximately Late August – Early September, 2012
Pay Rate: TFC: Trade For Content

Principal Performers:

-Fallon- Hood chick appeal but cute, slim, long weave, between the ages 18 and 25 – AFRICAN-AMERICAN…Supporting

-Penny- Very shapely and curvaceous, light skin or light brown skin between the ages 21and 20 – AFRICAN-AMERICAN…Supporting

-White hershey- White male, understands black humor and culture, actor must make character funny and believable – CAUCASIAN…Supporting

-Boss (MR B)- Older black male between the ages 30-45 – AFRICAN-AMERICAN…Supporting

-Waitress- white girl between 21 and 28 – CAUCASIAN…Supporting

-Pretty girl from bar- Model features, between the ages 21 and 28 – AFRICAN-AMERICAN…Supporting

-Detective- male between 25 and 40 – AFRICAN-AMERICAN…Supporting

-people in the restaurant
-girl that gets hit by the car
-2 auditioning artists
-C crills janitor scene
-co workers in c crills janitorial scene
-c crills boss
-taxi driver
-ladies in car @ stop light scene
-group of girls dancing to mike’s music playing
-many the front door guy
-sexy women walk’n by smiling
-restaurant owner ‘Carmine’
-waitress with escargot
-pretty girl @ restaurant (sex scene)
-girl at stop light
-police detective (Robinson Craig) hospital scene

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS – Those who cannot attend the auditions please record one take of the sides provided and upload your clip to Vimeo or YouTube. This uploaded video should be password protected. The only people who should see this audition is you, the director, and his team. Send your submission to with a subject of:
Destiny Road AUDITION TAPE. Attach a .pdf of your resume, and a .jpeg of your head shot. Slate for the camera: YOUR NAME AND CHARACTER you are auditioning for. Be sure that somewhere in your submission materials your contact information is included.

For any additional information email

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Atlanta, Ga.
Contact email:

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