Where: Philadelphia, PA
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Type: Film


We are currently casting for a feature film to be shot in the Philadelphia area this summer. Here is a breakdown of the characters we are currently looking for:

KAITLYN: Female actress of Russian descent and is the wife of the main character Skip. She has an entitlement issue and comes off as conceded. Must have a Russian accent, but also be good with her English. Age range: 27-32

TIAGO 1: Muscular guy/open to all ethnicities. Must be built. Age range can vary.

TIAGO 2: Male actor that is good at playing cocky, conceded, and very into himself. We are looking for someone who is either Portuguese, Brazilian, or Spanish to fill the part. Age range: 27-35.

CRAIG: A Zach Galifianakis stoner type. Age range can vary.

STORE CLERK (JESS): A female actress that is good at being sarcastic. Age range can vary.

AUGUST: Female actress that plays the best friend of Kaitlyn. Ethnicity can vary but we are looking for someone between the age of 27-35.

DOCTOR: Older male character who is good with their comedic timing. Serious, but has a funny comment to always lighten the mood.

PROSTITUTE 1 & 2: Age range: 25-40.

BARTENDER: Female character with a very sarcastic demeanor. Age range: 27-37.

2 POOL PLAYERS: Males that can play at least a decent game of pool.

HOMELESS MAN & WOMAN: Open to all races, but have to be between the ages of 30-45.

VINCE: Older male between the age of 40-55.

RICK: Vince’s friend also between the age of 40-55.

4 ASIAN GIRLS: Females who are good at speaking with broken English. Age range: 22-35.

OLDER ASIAN WOMAN: Crazy type that is also good at speaking with broken English. Age range: 40-55.

DAVID: Male actor between the age of 35-45.

If you fit the description of one of the characters then please send a current headshot or picture and we will schedule you for an audition.


Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Philadelphia, PA
Please submit to:

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  1. Alyssa Stump

    The email I sent my information to is not working correctly. How should I go about submitting my information? Thank you!


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