The vampire themed horror thriller “New Blood,” starring William Forsythe,
— which is scheduled to shoot in Rhode Island from Jan. 17 to Feb. 5, 2011, is seeking principal talent for specific roles.

Seeking the following…

“Brad” & “Chad” – 23-30, rich, charming, handsome, ruthless, every women’s dream date times two, they turn into the double mint twins from hell

“Harmony” – Knockout gorgeous brunette, 25-40, the bitch of the clan, sexy but deadly, unable to control her hunger (nudity required)

“Cassie” – Young, 20-25, must appear to be sweet, innocent, & vivacious,
but she has a dark secret to hide, lured to the castle under the notion of
love at first sight, not knowing this will be her last night (nudity required)

“Nora” – 25-50, blue blood, heir of a great family name, but not the
fortune, a member of the cult

“Kelly” – 28-35, Movie star looks, desperate for big Hollywood break,
lured to cult party & the nightmare of her life

“Gerard” – 23-35, handsome Frenchmen, Gigalo, he arrives to the party expecting the amorous night of his life, ends up on the menu, must speak fluent French
(Frenchmen preferred)

Union and non-union talent may apply.

Strong acting experience is necessary for all of these principal roles.

Please tape a 2 minute monologue, as well as a 2 minute improvisation read
based on the character breakdown description of the character you’re
submitting for, which will show the director you have a grasp of the given

E-mail tapes, reels, headshots, & resumes to newbloodcasting@saintsinnerent.com