Auditions for a Film Short | Grand Rapids


An open casting call has been scheduled to cast a short film being shot in Michigan called “Crashing Man”. Auditions will be held this week at the Compass Film Academy in Grand Rapids, MI

“Crashing Man is the story of an inventor whom creates a robot to protect his city from the threat of war, but ends up having to stop it from destroying the city its programmed to protect.”

Auditions will be held on June 4th between the times of 12PM and 11PM

Compass Film Academy
4th Floor Conference Room
560 5th Street Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-5296

The film is scheduled to be shot July 5th through July 9th and anyone wishing to audition must be available on those dates.

The film’s style is Steampunk, Victorian Era, 1856

Roles to be cast

Ulysses – LEAD
Age: Early 30’s
Accent: French
Character description: Tall, scraggly, and slightly unkempt. An obsessive weapons inventor from France who witnessed his mothers death as a young boy. He is eccentric about his inventions and a reserved gentlemen with is love, Lenora.

Age: Mid 20’s
Accent: Brittish
Character description: About 5?6?, Slender/Average. Classic beauty that wears very upscale clothing (Victorian era). She’s the love of Ulysses and is very traditional and supportive.
Background: Daughter of a baker. She was raised to appreciate the small things in life.

Ulysses Creation
Character description: 5?10? or taller. Makes robotic and humanistic movement. Athletic and well dressed. Will be wearing special effects make-up.

Age: Mid 30’s
Accent: German (non-speaking but noise responsive)
Character description: Hulk, large built man whom dresses poorly.
Background: Once a prisoner, he now works as Official #1’s body guard.

Official #1 (Voice actor)
Accent: British
Character description: A preserved brain in a glass dome. Highest ranking official.
Voice: Stern and decisive, like his decision making.

Official #2
Age: Late 70’s
Accent: British
Character description: Well aged, some body parts are robotic, hard at hearing and seeing, pessimistic. 2nd highest ranking official.

Official #3
Age: Early 70’s
Accent: British
Character description: Optimistic, taunts official #2 about his older age.

Young Ulysses
Non-speaking role
Character description: A beginning inventor, specializes in small gizmos like music boxes and clocks. Short and innocent. Deeply loves his mother whom is his only living relative.
Needs to react to the sounds of bombs and his mothers death.

Non-speaking role
Age: Early 40’s
Character description: Mother of Ulysses, lost husband due to war. Classy woman with fair skin and strait dark hair.
Dies from gunfire.

If you are interested please respond with a resume, headshots, and the character/s you wish to audition for.
Email –

this is an unpaid gig