AUDITIONS for a Table Read of a New Script for a Pilot


Sat. March 6, 2010. Unpaid

In order to facilitate the re-writes on a new TV Movie/Backdoor pilot I’m working on, I’m trying to get a group of actors together for an informal table read of the script. To hear how it sounds, and get an idea what works and what doesn’t, where I need expand, or clarify, what needs to be cut, etc. This process was invaluable to me as a playwright, and will help in this new venue.

Now if you are the type of actor that can do a performance read without much trouble, please check out the brief synopsis of the script, and character breakdowns below.

The script is called: Psi-Com 5 and is basically about a secret Clinic in Colorado where kids and teens with psychic ability are… “housed” as their skills are developed. When Psi-Com 5, which is the second most powerful Psychic Community in the Clinic, discovers that, in attempt to enhance the powers of certain students, said students are dying, while at the same time a young and very powerful telekinetic, is being used as a killing machine, Psi-Com 5 must escape the confines of the Clinic to save this boy and themselves.

Lynx Lockerlund – 15-year old, narrator of the piece (heard a lot in voice over), sarcastic, sardonic, and acerbic cover to a kid that is truly sensitive, and perhaps a bit unsure of himself. Lynx is a deadly accurate psychometrist.

Hadley Sanderson – 17-year old, a telekinetic that can’t really lift anything heavy, and is not too pleased about it. Hadley is both Big Bro and BFF to Lynx, he can do very intricate telekinetic work with his mind as long as he concentrates.

Prof. Jon Lucien – 40-ish team leader of Psi-Com 5. Good natured, but humorous, an academic thrust into a more proactive environment. Has a strange ability to sense immediate danger before it happens. He has been having an on-going affair with Veleka.

Dr. Veleka Govea – 30-something co-team leader, and medical advisor to Psi-Com 5, focused and kind. She has been living in the states since she was young, so her English only has a slight to non-existent French accent. Is very much in love with Lucien.

Methias Corday – 40-ish, a strange mix of power, paranoia, and passionate resolve. He is the master of his own world, trying to be the master of all the world, and using whatever means necessary to achieve that goal. Bi-polar enough to melt an icecap.

Androcles Munrova – 7-year old (will cast way older for reading, as long actor can play 10-ish or younger) with awesome powers of telekinesis and pyrokinesis, as well as other developing powers. Used by Corday as the ultimate weapon when his powers are enhanced by a process Corday has to manipulate him. A sweet, strong, compassionate kid, that is wise beyond his years, and has seen too much of death, thanks to Corday.

Leticia Munrova – Androcles mother, late 30’s, once a frighteningly powerful telekinetic herself, now burned out courtesy of drugs provided by Corday, feels trapped in her situation with Corday, but dearly loves Androcles.

Millicent Faison – mid-40’s, administrator at the clinic that houses Psi-Com 5 and other young people with psychic abilities. Ruthless, cold, calculating. A true, claws out villain.

Axel Titansor – mid-late-50’s, security chief for the clinic. A match for Faison in ruthlessness, but still has enough of a conscience to voice the innate wrongness in what is being done, even if it’s just to jab at Faison.

Joselyn – 17-year old, worrying, earth mother. “Big Sister” to Lynx. A psychic projector, she can enter a person’s mind and see what they see as they see it, like an audio visual “tap” of another’s mind. Can cause problems for her when she projects too long, or has trouble breaking the link.

Trabien Montez – 12-year old channeler who can physically do everything that the person he’s channeling can do, and since he likes channeling Ninja assassins and Apache warriors, his psi-ability makes him quite formidable in a fight, but Trae is a very unaffected kid, not a heck of a lot gets to him, except the pain and body aches that come from channeling someone for too long. The young actor that portrays this part will have to be able show vocal change and/or accents for the different people Trabien is channeling.

Earle – Very old, very near sighted, eccentric man that Psi-Com 5 encounters on the road. Comedy relief with a capital “C.”

Martha – Earle’s wife, just as old and even MORE eccentric. Comedy relief with a capital “C” in italics.

Cho – Korean medical staffer, she and Lynx have a VERY adversarial relationship as she constantly needs for him to “work” with his skills, while Lynx would rather goof off. Tough, no-nonsense, perhaps a bit mean.

Col. Hoak – Team leader for Psi-Com 6, runs these older kids like a platoon, and they probably need it. Military bearing and demeanor. As much of a taskmaster as Corday, but without the intense need of medication.

O’Shea – Ramrod for Psi-Com 6, Irish tough. Formidable but cautious with his telekinesis, and his position in Psi-Com 6.

Dutch – Another Psi-Com 6 member. Edgy, violent, bully. An equal opportunity hater.

Whitson – Psi-Com 6 member. Strange looking, strange acting, back-up bully to Dutch.

Hernandez – Only female member of Psi-Com 6. Strong, tough, but level headed.

Cooksey – A technician in the Clinic morgue, nerdy, intelligent, distracted.

Phil – An old security guard. Waiting for his pension to maximize as he kvetches about his aching feet.

Black Guard – A Black security guard. Intimidating, has secrets.

Latino Guard – A Latino security guard. Intimidating, has even bigger secrets.

For the purposes of this reading, we will be doubling up on character roles, since some roles are cameos. Titansor/Earle/Phil can be read by the same actor. Veleka/Cho. Faison/Martha. Joselyn/Hernandez. Corday/Hoak. Cooksey/Dutch/Latino Guard. O’Shea/Whitson/Black Guard. Yes, it’s the show us your range reading!

Auditions will consist of cold reading from the script and will be held in Burbank, California.

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