Auditions for “Dracula” | CO

Resumes and head shots are currently being accepted by the Denver Center Theatre, Denver, CO
Resumes and head shots should be mailed to the theater.

Please mail to the Casting Director, Paul Fouquet
roles pay $750 week minimum

Casting for the following roles

Count Dracula:
35-45: Hungarian. Charming with great charisma and presence. Tall, gracious with almost feline movement. Agile. World weary, powerful, seductive and quick to anger. Confident and arrogant.

R. M. Renfield:
42-52. Educated but middle class. Perhaps the most intelligent character in the play. Neurotic and changeable in moods. Very self aware with a deep sense of irony and an abiding loneliness. Excitable, hounourable, and intensely curious.

Dr. John Seward:
30s. English. Hard working using his work as his refuge, he is obsessed with Science. Tenacious, curious, passionate, reserved, rational, loyal. Wealthy, honest, private, dogged and determined, and attentive to detail. But can feel thoroughly awkward in social settings.

Lucy Westerna:
19-25. English. Upper class. Impetuous, sensual and adventurous. Open, receptive, vivacious, and romantic. She delights in being unconventional. Gregarious and intense with a high, bright energy that sometimes camouflages her underlying neediness.

Mina Harker:
19-25. English, upper middle class. Clear thinking and conventional. Believes it is her responsibility and duty to serve. She has control issues but she is an exceptionally good organizer and logical thinker. Devoted, idealistic and level headed.