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By | November 23, 2010

Hole In The Wall Tryouts

Cartoon Network is still casting groups of three for their new game show / competition show “Hole In The Wall”.

For anyone who has never seen the show…. Hole in the Wall is a 1/2 hour competition show where families compete against other families by trying to literally fit through a hole in the wall. The families are made up of three contestants, 1 adult and 2 kids. The contestants stand on a platform with a pool of water on one side and a wall moving at them on the other. There are shapes cut out of the wall that the contestants need to squeeze through when the wall approaches. Fail to get through the Hole and your butt ends up in a pool of water. The team with the most successful squeeze through count wins the show. Sounds simple?

Your chance to tryout for the Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is CASTING for their hit family game show HOLE IN THE WALL!

If you are interested in auditioning for the show, make sure you’ve put together a team of 3. TEAMS MUST CONSIST OF AT LEAST ONE ADULT (18 AND UP) AND ONE CHILD (17 AND YOUNGER)! This is a family show so we would like to see teams with some sort of family bond between at least two members!

To submit to get an audition time, send in a brief description of each team member along with their age and pictures to Remember you need to have one adult on each team and our minimum age is 10!

To check out the show go to our official HOLE IN THE WALL website:

We have a lot of episodes to cast so please pass the word on to your friends so they can assemble teams and tryout!

This is a paid gig

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