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By | April 1, 2010

Editor from 51Minds Prods.(Ray J of Love, I love Money, Gotti’s Way, etc.) is casting for his new reality series. This is a New York city casting call for very specific characters, male and female. All roles are in the 20 something age group.

Please read the synopsis of the show and if your personality is a perfect match, send photographs & contact info to the email address at the end of the casting notice.
– The Village –

Five talented individuals living alternative lifestyles are selected to live in New York’s Greenwich Village and have their daily lives taped.   Imagine Rue Paul, Clay Aiken, Ellen, and a gorgeous, post-op Transgender, along with her ex-convicted boyfriend, under one roof. That’s entertainment! The Village is a new kind of reality show, set up to shed light on what is still considered a very taboo subject for many people all over the globe, homosexuality. This show takes on a new twist from “The Real World” and aims to uncover what exactly the real world is, for a large number of our population whom many only whisper of. Filmed on the unpredictable streets of New York, in the heart of Bohemia, The Village delves into the core of alternative, or (in some cases) unconventional lifestyle choices. Using the lives of five openly (or not so open) gays as the key to unlock “the closets” of our nation, this show offers a clear take on lifestyles rarely seen in honest detail. In its “big city” setting, anything can happen, and it does. The goal of the series (like many hit shows based in the “Big Apple”) is to capture the energy, and overall nature of New York, for this specified group. The selected cast comes from a range of entrepreneurial interests, and dominant personalities that are bound to create drama, comparable to that of “The Real Housewives” series. However, this show’s unique attribute is its point of view, and its attention to all things unexpected, in an area that the audience may already feel well versed. By taking cliché and stereotypical concepts of Greenwich Village as inspiration, The Village provides new clarity for any opaque impressions its viewers may have of gay culture.In essence, The Village is a story told by its authors. Everything the world assumes of this small piece of Manhattan is dispelled (or supported) by the people, envisioned to have lived there for decades.


Single Transgender Male Performer (Pre-Op)
Female Tattoo Artist (gay)
Intimidating Male of Urban Social Background (gay)
Female Club Employee (Bartender / gay)
Male Tattoo Artist (gay)

Note: All the characters (main and sub) are 21-29 years of age. Though it is imperative to the show’s basis each character is gay, it is not necessary for all characters to live an openly gay lifestyle.


Aggressive Female (Partner to  Female Tattooist)
Contrasting Male Partner for Intimidating Male
Heterosexual Male (Tattoo Shop Owner)

email to Shooting starts 2nd week in May. Serious inquires only!

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