Casting Call | Calling all cute cats

Animal Auditions

Casting Call for The Cutest Cat

Every kitty is cute, but is your cat the furriest, the purriest, the cutest widdle kitty in the whole wide world? A show is on a quest to find the cutest cat moments on the planet.
Have you ever caught your cat on video doing something that made you smile? Touched your emotions? Tickled your funny bone? Or melted your heart?
Send us those videos! If it’s funny, heart warming or just goofy, your feline could be featured on an upcoming Animal Planet show!

Get Started!
First things first. Please make sure your video is between one and three minutes in length. You must be 18 and a U.S. resident.
What Are We Looking For?
We want to see a cute moment with your cat, caught on tape. Do people automatically ooh and ahh over your cat when they see her? Does she have a special quality about her that makes people’s hearts melt? Have you ever caught your kitty on video doing something that made you smile? If you are constantly saying, “Oh, how cute!,” then we want to see your feline friend.
What do we NOT want to see? We do not want to see cats that are doing something that might put them in a reckless or dangerous situation or anything that is illegal. We do not want to see anyone’s privacy violated, so be sure the cat you film is YOUR cat.

The Selection Process
Cute is in the eye of the beholder, right? So, who will be picking the cutest kitty that will appear on TV? Well, we here at Animal Planet know a thing or two about cats, so we’ll help pick the cats, along with the producers at Powderhouse Productions. The selection will be based on how cute the kitty is — the “awwwww, that’s cute” moment when we watch the clip. Only 10 felines will be selected for the show. The parents of the kitty in question selected will be notified if their pet will appear on the show.
The deadline for submission is 7/15/2010. So start filming those too cute moments now!
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