Casting Call for Experimental Short

By | April 3, 2010

Casting Call for Experimental Short, VHS Relationship Cycle

UT Student filmmakers casting original scripted and experimental project, this would be a non-paid role.

Concept: Tapes are memories for a fairly young generation. Our parents used it to record our birthdays, elementary graduations, baby showers, our first walks, and vacations. It is stored magnetically. Analog video technology is a strange hybrid between film and digital. For many of us, relationships are important memories, but we were too young to record relationships on VHS.

I was on a bus the other day, same route for the last two years, and only a few people popped out. There was a couple. They would get on the bus, and talk, and flirt, and whatever couples do in public. As the year went by, I saw less of the guy, less and less until the other day she came onto the route with a tissue at hand and eyes red. I had witnessed the slow degradation of a couple.

I want to chronicle the lives of a couple in a not too distant future or not too distant past – and explore their possible endings or beginnings.

Shooting on Canon 7D processed through VHS degradation.

Couples encouraged.


Male Actor
Age: 20s
Average – Fit
Any Ethnicity

Female Actor
Age: 20s
Average – Fit
Any Ethnicity


Monday, April 5th (Noon – 2 p.m)
STUDIO 4E, CMB 4.134

Shooting: Tentatively only two days between April 9th – 11th

Compensation: a copy of the finished scene on a DVD, and meal & coffee will provided on set.

Please send headshots and/or resumes to Jonathan López at

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Contact: Jonatán López

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