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By | March 17, 2010

The show is a single camera half hour comedy that centers around three young men who live in a college town.  The main character is Calvin, a photographer who works for a local newspaper.  His two roommates are Eddie and David.  Eddie is a slacker who usually gets himself into odd and often inappropriate, situations.  And David is a carefree ladies man.

We are shooting with professionals and will be operating on a very tight budget.  Unfortunately because of this we cannot afford to pay the actors for the pilot.  However the actors we choose to use should expect to receive a reasonable amount of exposure as we will be shopping the pilot around once it is completed.  Assuming we are able to find the right cast, shooting is tentatively scheduled for four to five days during the last week of May.

Main Character Descriptions:

Calvin – 24; Calvin is a recent college graduate with aspirations to become a photographer.  We find him working at a small city paper, where he is frustrated with his uninspired assignments.  He still lives with his two college roommates in his old college town, yet he is the only one that is not academically involved in the university.  Though he is not cynical, he is one of those people who vowed they would leave as soon as they graduated.  He is regularly an optimistic person with a good sense of humor.

David – 24; David is a graduate student studying business at the University.  He is extremely attractive, confident, and does not have to try hard to be successful and he knows it.  He is carefree and completely satisfied with his current place in this world.  Although he does sometimes playfully joke about how good it is to be him,  he does not look down on others and he is not cynical.  He, like Calvin, has a very good sense of humor.

Eddie – 25; Currently in his sixth year as an undergraduate, Eddie is still attending the University for his bachelor’s degree.  He is a slacker, but he becomes ambitious when he sets his mind to his usually ridiculous schemes and plots.  He is confident in his beliefs even when he is blatantly wrong.  He often says inappropriate things but usually his intentions are innocent.  In his opinion he lives his life to the fullest, not wasting a thought on anything he doesn’t care about, making his decisions based on what would make a better story to tell later on.


Send emails to and please include the following:

Headshots – We do not mind if you don’t have professional head shots, but we need pictures where we can clearly see your face.

Resume – Doesn’t need to be formal at all.  Just tell us what you’ve done.  If you’ve never acted, that’s okay.

Follow up emails will be sent with detailed information about the audition, as well as full scripts with highlighted scenes for your auditions.

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