Auditions / casting call for SPY KIDS 4: ARMAGEDDON – Feature Film – SAG

casting 2 kids to play Rebecca and Cecil Wilson

Filming will be in Austin, Texas and production is scheduled to start summer 2010.

Following roles are open:
[REBECCA WILSON] FEMALE, CAUCASIAN, 9-12. Rebecca and her twin brother are described as “the world’s most competitive ten-year-olds.” She is clever, wise beyond her years, and relishes the fact that she is 30-seconds older than her brother Cecil. Her step-mother Jessica, she treats with casual disdain, unwilling to accept her as her father’s new wife, much less a mother-figure. She even utilizes her ingenius skills as a prankster to thwart her “stepmother” every step of the way, despite her brothers’ pleas. But when the time comes work with Jessica instead of against her, she bravely steps up to the plate to join the ranks of SPY KIDS!!! LEAD.

[CECIL WILSON] MALE, CAUCASIAN, 9-12. Rebecca’s slightly younger twin brother -– by 30 seconds!! He is funny, as competitive as his sister, and loves solving puzzles — especially anagrams! He’s a natural genius, having proven so by being a grade higher than his older, twin sister. He hates when Rebecca play tricks on their step-mom and encourages her to make peace, and although he requires the use of hearing aids, he uses them to his advantage, shutting them off whenever his sister starts yammering. He uses his smarts to outwit the evil TIMEKEEPER and truly step forward as a member of the SPY KIDS!! LEAD.