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Drycleaners Pilot Presentation
Casting notice posted on, casting location: The New Movement Theater, 1819 Rosewood Ave., Austin TX 78702
Casting for female principle: Caucasian, ~Mid-Thirties

* Auditions will be held on January 2nd at The New Movement Theater located at 1819 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX, 78702 from 9am-12pm.

We are filming a presentation for a single cam comedy pilot episode which we will use to pitch to various networks and put online.

The show is set in a dry-cleaners in Scottsdale, Arizona and centers around a dysfunctional family of co-workers and the interesting/odd customers employees are forced to interact with.

Shooting schedule: The last Sunday in February (2/27) and the first Sunday in March (3/6). We may also shoot on the evenings of Saturday 2/26 and Saturday 3/5, if necessary.

Rehearsal schedule: Sundays in February.

Producers: David Meyers and Patrick Knisely.
Director: David Meyers
Compensation: non-paid
Contact email: patrick.knisely \pat\ gmail \pot\ com
Project length: 5-10 minutes.

Beverly, the store’s manager, started working at the dry-cleaners as a teen mom. After being knocked up by her boyfriend, who shortly thereafter was killed in a motorcycle accident, she was forced to take on a tremendous amount of responsibility at a very young age. Now in her mid-thirties, she’s been the store’s manager for well over 20 years, and, after dealing with a constant barrage of irate customers, she’s all but given up on her life, her job, and the responsibilities that come with it. Thus, she relies on her employees to run and operate the store. She’s emotionally damaged, easily frazzled, and at times delusional and out of sorts, but is revitalized when Melissa, the store’s newest hire, is introduced into her life. Beverly tries desperately to fill the void created by her daughter’s absence by trying to get Melissa to move in with her. But Melissa wants nothing to do with this.

A great deal of comedy comes from Beverly’s inappropriate admissions and unusual interest in Melissa.

Casting Location: The New Movement Theater, 1819 Rosewood Ave., Austin TX 78702
Contact email: