Casting Cooking Show

By | February 12, 2010

Are you always hosting team dinners at your house? Have you come up with the perfect recipes to keep your family well-fed, despite your crazy schedules? Is the team psyched when it’s your turn to bring the post-game snacks?

If you make at least one signature dish that your kids and their friends go crazy for, then RelativityREAL is searching for someone EXACTLY LIKE YOU for a new prime time Cooking Show on network TV!

No professional chefs or fussy, fancy dishes please! We’re looking for family favorites and comfort foods that keep your kids asking for more. So pick the dish you’re most proud of and put it to the test in a cooking competition that gives amateur chefs like you the chance to win a BIG CASH PRIZE.

If you love to cook, have a competitive spirit and think you have a winning dish, email us at for more information. We will only be accepting applications through February 14th, so contact us TODAY!

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