Casting Families with Workaholic parents


Los Angeles Casting Call for “workaholic” parents

Are you a career driven “workaholic” parent struggling to balance work and life?

Are you “married to your job” and you’re missing out on your family’s milestones?

An alarming number of parents in the U.S. feel overwhelmed by their demanding careers, leaving them insufficient time to spend with their families. If you’re one of the many millions, here is your chance to gain greater balance in your life and reconnect with your family. It is especially important for us to find families with very expressive and opinionated older children who have a strong reaction to their parents overwhelming responsibilities at work.

Candidates selected must be available for 5-7 days to be followed in their demanding work places and at home with their families.

To be considered, please email with the information below:

1. Family Name: Name of parents, name of children and age of children and location of residence (must be in the greater Los Angeles area)

2. Occupation of parent with intense career and a description of their responsibilities at work.

3. Please include how you feel your career affects your family.

4. What areas of your life would benefit from greater balance? Relationships with family, physical health, reducing stress, organization, nutrition, etc?

5. A recent photo or two of you and your family

6. How you originally heard about this opportunity