CASTING FOR MUSIC VIDEO “The Zax – Can’t Get Enough”

By | February 16, 2010

CASTING FOR MUSIC VIDEO “The Zax – Can’t Get Enough”

Shoot: 2 days
Shoot Dates: 2/20/10 – 2/21/10
Location: Manhattan or the boroughs, NY
Provisions: Food, Transportation, Credit & DVD

NOTE: No SAG actors


EMOTIONAL CONFLICT: Love hurts; in the music video, internal conflict is externalized.

LOGLINE: A mediocre magician (played by musician Rion Harmon) futilely attempts to impress an attractive girl during one of his performances.

VISUAL STYLE: Citchy, retro David Lynch-esque

DISCLAIMER: Aside from lip sinking a few lyrical refrains, there will be no dialogue as the project is a music video.

***Though the above provisions will be accommodated, this is a no-pay opportunity***

STORYLINE: A second-rate magician arrives at his frequented cabaret theater to perform magical routines in front of a measly, eccentric audience who are regular spectators. A few seconds into the production, a beautiful female arrives and takes a seat in the front row. For the remainder of his performance, the magician (with his assistant’s aid) desperately tries to grab the female’s attention, all to no avail. She rolls her eyes, plays with her gum, and turns away is dismay. His simple, cliché tricks (such as forming balloon animals, doing card tricks, pulling a never-ending handkerchief out of his sleeve, and pulling a rabbit out of his hat) transition towards more complex, self-deprecating tricks (such as attempting to hang himself with a noose, stabbing himself with a telescopic sword, and slicing himself in half) in an effort to “get the girl.” Though the rest of the audience is engaged and participates, the girl ultimately gets up and leaves with his assistant. The magician is left sad, broken (quite literally) and alone at the end.

We are casting for the following character actors:

[MAGICIAN’S ASSISTANT]: Male. 18-60. Any ethnicity. Little person. Must have a good sense of humor. To play the magician’s quirky, know-it-all assistant aiding him in his magical performance. LEAD.

[GIRL]: Female. 18-34. Thin with blonde or light brown hair. Attractive. Must have a characteristic and expressive face that read on camera. To play the disinterested object of the magician’s affection. LEAD.

[10 AUDIENCE MEMBERS]: Males and Females. 18-65. Must have characteristic and expressive faces that read on camera. Example descriptions: heavyset man, senior lady, tattooed motorcycle rider, thin “hipster” boy in tight jeans, nerdy-looking girl with glasses and braces, etc. FEATURED EXTRAS.

We are looking for the following crew members:

Set designer/Prop Master
Wardrobe/Costume Designer
Hair & Makeup Stylist

As well as:

Professional Magician
***Access to equipment and props a must***

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