Casting HD Feature Texas


Aristar Entertainment is currently casting the feature film “Supernatural”. Various roles are open and the film is scheduled to shoot early February in San Antonio, Texas.

BLAIR WOODS – 20s. Very attractive, assertive and sly with a turbulent past, but presently a strong woman. She is psychic and comes from a family of psychics. Believes in something greater than herself.
BROCK – 20s. Beefcake, like the cover of a romance book. He never wears a shirt and often sports a cowboy hat. Despite being second fiddle to his best friend Damon, he is full of himself. He believes everything wuold be better if he ran the show.
PEPPER – 25 to 30. A hunter who dresses accordingly. He is always seen with a firearm of some sort. He is part of the paranormal team that investigates haunted sites.
DOUG – 20s. Camera operator who captures paranormal activity. Has unmanaged splotchy facial hair, fan of the Grateful Dead or Phish, and was a philosophy major before switching to film.
TUCKER – 25 to 30. The director of Damon’s documentary. He is quietly pretentious and views Damon and his team as subjects more than people. They will never be as important as he will be.
PROFESSOR WARD – 40 to 65. Passionate and full of digressions, along with himself. He is well cultured and knows 43 different languages. A man who prides himself on knowledge, he also harbors a chip on his shoulder for anyone who opposes him. He is always right.
PROFESSOR SALAS – 30 to 45. A passionate, strong-voiced feminist, her analysis of the documentary concerns itself with gender, psychoanalytic, or Marxist critique. Short boy hair.
DEWEY – Mid 20s. He is in between nerd and cool guy.
MITZY – Mid 20s. Down to Earth and smart, when she is not bursting into spasms and yelling like a pirate.
EMILY SUNFLOWER – 13. A bright girl who spends most of her screentime possessed. Wtth a demon inside her she is sometimes playful, but mostly sarcastic and just plain mean.
ISAAC SUNFLOWER – 16. Nicest boy on Earth, hard worker. In awe of the city folk. Likely to refer to his father as “paw” and not think twice about it.
ADDISON – 4. A bouncy kid, a bunch of fun.
JORDAN HARRIS – Mid 20s. Unethusiastic about his job as an editor.
HOMELESS MAN WITH BEARD – He holds fervent beliefs about the Smallsquatch and UFO’s.
COMEDIAN 1 – Hipster glasses, messy hair, hipster attire. Sarcastic jokes. Ridiculous.
COMEDIAN 2- Balding and flamboyant. Hilarious, sings some of his lines. Ridiculous.
CARLOS – A town local with a Spanish accent. Excited about the camera crews as much as the rest of the town.
OLD MAN – He is stern, serious, likes football.
MIDDLE AGED WOMAN – Local with a Southern accent. Insecure about her looks on camera. Shy, but a sweetheart.
7 YEAR OLD KID – Local Kid- Sugar rush. He gives his testimony on the Smallsquatch.
NARRATOR – Male with deep voice for voice over.
OPERATOR – Voice Over for 411.
ALICIA POWERS – Damon’s mother. Sweet and nonchalant.
MIKE POWERS – Damon’s father. Alcoholic, not too bright.

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