Dallas Texas Feature Film Casting

By | April 29, 2013

Paper Badge

Where: Dallas, TX
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Type: Film

Project Title: Paper Badge
Project Type: Feature Film
Casting Call Date: May 15, 2013
Call Type: Closed – Contact to schedule audition times between 2:00pm – 8:00pm
Contact: Send headshots and resumes to casting@dottination.com

Storyline: A musically talented cop goes undercover to bust a high profile drug dealing music executive who is tied in to the Mexican drug cartel. The story takes a turn with the music executive escapes custody and seeks revenge on the cops family.


CESAR: Middle aged, Hispanic, bilingual, medium build with strong and demanding presence. Cesar Sandoval is the head of a Mexican drug cartel.

JIMMY: Mid to late 20?s, African American, slim build. Brother of high profile drug trafficker, Daemon Miller. Double crosses mexican boss.

SERGEANT DUNN: Early 40?s, strong presence, well respected police sergeant

JAKE ALLEN: Early 30?s, African American, athletic build. Likes to have fun and loves women. Can be laid back and comedic at times but can get serious when it comes to police work. Partner of lead, Russell Barnes.

CURTIS: Late 40?s to Early 50?s, street bum.

SUSPECT 1: 16 -18 years old, tall for his age, typical delinquent.

SUSPECT 2: 16-18 years old, juvenile delinquent

LISA: Early 30?s, exotic and beautiful latin woman. Has been the main girl of high profile drug dealer for a long time. She is his everything.

RECEPTIONIST: Early to late 20?s, attractive, pleasant voice.

GABBY: 16 – 18 year old, bubbly personality, best friend of lead character’s daughter

PRIMO: Mid to late 20?s, Slim build, employee of drug dealing music executive, talks with a stutter, gets arrogant when boss isn’t around

DRE: Late 20?s to Early 30?s, atheletic build, devoted employee of drug dealing music executive, gets jealous of new guy coming into the inner circle

CREW LEADER: Late 20?s to Early 30?s, African American, Muscular build. Gang Leader ready to confront anyone trying to move in on his turf.

AGENT KINSLER: Late 20?s to Early 30?s, African American Female, attractive with strong, stern, and professional presence. Love interest

TERRELL: Early 20?s, young rapper

MEXICAN THUG: Hispanic, age range 20-40, bilingual

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Dallas, TX

2 thoughts on “Dallas Texas Feature Film Casting

  1. Marisol Moreno

    I want to addition for the role of Gabby. I am 18 years old Hispanic, and very pretty

  2. Marisol Moreno

    I want to addition for the role of Gabby.


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