Casting People who want to lose weight

Got a few pounds to lose? Do you live in Texas? A local show is now casting people who have some weight to lose and would like to do it on a TV show. TV show looking for people who are very overweight and tired of being so. Ready to do something about it?

Do you have at least 150 or more pounds to lose? Are you tired of carrying around that extra weight?
Are you ready to start shredding pounds off of you? It’s time for you to take charge and get your life back! We want to hear from you.

Please email all your contact information, Name, phone #, city you live in, height, weight, age, a brief bio and
why you want to lose weight. . Please send pictures too.

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  1. Matilda Ariyo

    Please, I am looking for a weight loss program that will help me manage my eating habits , eating in bed at night and eating junk food. I weight over 200 pounds. If it is possible something in Houston as my family is here.

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