Casting Pilot | Canada Auditions for Cast


We are looking for a group of talented people willing to give their time to produce a televison pilot, B-Movie, the series. This is going to be a unique and special project.

The show, called B Movie: the series, set in the 1930s, is about a film director named Markie Jibbs. In this comedy-drama we intend
on creating our own version of film history, by intwining it with the real history of film.

Cast and Crew:

The audition date for cast is March 7, with principle photography starting in late March to early April. The shoot scheduale will be short, and
not take up a lot of your time.

Everybody interested should send along a headshot and resume to


-Make-up (including minor prostetics)
-Lots of PAs

Please, if your area of talent isn’t listed, feel free to message if you are interested. Once again, send messages to – Toronto, Canada

This is going to be an exceptional project, with a bright future. Let’s get the right team to do it! I will send the scipt to all who are intersted.

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