Casting Short Film | Los Angeles


Casting short film “MARLOWE” in Los Angeles, Thriller/Science Fiction

In an abandoned city, a bike messenger has become the only reliable communication resource. He is a courier of private information, money, and of things much more valuable. After accepting a delivery from a mysterious female artist, his relationship with her becomes as tenuous as his survival in a decaying metropolis.


Male, Mid-20s to early 30s, any ethnicity, athletic, determined, built for endurance. He’s the last vestige of commerce in a system under collapse. An exchanger of information: the noble, dying profession of bike messenger. The constant exposure to the swiftly changing elements, human and environmental, have left a primal rawness to his exterior. He grew up believing body-modification isn’t an act of self-expression; it’s a badge of honor. Internally, he’s an optimist; a subscriber to the American myths of heroism, love and self-sacrifice in world where sympathy is a rare resource, and the rewards for such high values are non-existent. At heart, he’s a romantic, but that virtue is scarred over by the realities he faces every day.


Female, 18-32, any ethnicity, engaging yet brooding, brutally pragmatic, but a warrior nevertheless. She fell down into the rabbit hole of creativity without any intention of acclaim or recognition. When fate chimed in, her art became her mouthpiece. The de-facto leader of a cause, she begins to use her art as a weapon, determined not to stop, despite the perceived dangers in the world around her.

Accepting submissions. Meetings will be scheduled for 3/12 through 3/21.

SAG and AFTRA welcome. Pay deferred.

Compensation is 100 deferred, copy, credit and meals.

Please email resumes & photos to:

For more information please call 310-401-5488

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