Casting Teens and Young Adults for Indie Film


Looking for the two final people to complete our cast cast for our feature length film we are producing. I need a male and female lead character. I am looking for people who are in their late teens or early to mid 20s. We will begin filming toward the end of February and through March. I am looking for people who will be dedicated to this project, we are all pretty new to this, and we are all learning, and the journey so far has been rough, but it is getting better. I am looking for people who will be professional about this, this doesn’t mean you have to have a ton of experience or anything, just people who really want to do it and will take it seriously. Dedication will be important, we really want to tell a story that has never been done before. We want people who have creative input, who can contribute ideas they may have. We want people who want to have fun with this. This is a beginners project for the most part, but I think it can be something special with the right talent contributing and hopefully we can do something that will go somewhere. Outside of actors, we are also looking for people to help with other parts of production, including lighting, boom operator, sound, music, anything we can get. We do not have the budget to pay, but we can offer you experience, and we can offer you exposure in the end, we do have a plan to promote this once complete. We will be filming on the eastern Illinois / Wisconsin border. Are you up for the challenge of bringing something creative to the world? Please let me know if you are interested, I look forward to finding some great people to add to our ensemble!

The lead female: She is a party girl with a hint of innocence. She does all the things a party girl does. She must be able to dance.

The lead male: He is party guy trying to get away, a geek at heart.
Other people who want to help! Extras, boom operator, musicians (no score), lighting.

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