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Casting Local WA actors for showcase

Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Edward D Hansen Conference Center 2000 Hewitt Ave. Everett WA 98201
Local Actors Wanted! Audition for ‘Awesome 80’s Prom!’
Showcase Your Talents and Get a Taste of Stardom

Who: Awesome 80’s Prom – Auditions

When: Auditions – Saturday, August 28 10 am – 6 pm and Sunday, August 29 10 am – 2 pm
[Performances are Wednesday, September 15 – Sunday, September 19]

Where: Edward D. Hansen Conference Center
What: Global Spectrum and the producers of Awesome 80’s Prom are seeking eighteen local actors/comedians for a variety of characters for the upcoming shows. Awesome 80’s Prom allows for local talent to showcase their abilities and get a taste of stardom through this interactive dinner theatre experience. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to jumpstart your career and come back in time to the Awesome 80’s Prom at Wanaget High!
ALL ROLES: Seeking exuberant performers who are skilled improvisational actor/comedians.

Characters include:
Blake – The Captain of the Football Team: A Charming, egotistical jock. Think “Jake” in 16 Candles.
Louis – The Nerd: Introverted, computer geek. Think Anthony Hall in 16 Candles.
Fender – The Bad Boy: Mean, defensive, and loud. Think Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.
Michael Jay – The Class President: Republican, naturally born politician. Think Michael J. Fox on Family Ties.
Feung – The Asian Exchange Student: Charismatic, but speaks little English. Think Long Duk Dong in 16 Candles.
Dickie – The Drama Queen: Flamboyant, fabulous and bitter. Sings “Don’t Rain on My Parade” like Barbara Streisand. Think Ducky in Pretty in Pink mixed with Jack from Will and Grace.
Beef – Football Player: Big and intimidating, but not too bright. Think Chris Farley.
Mr. Snelgrove – The Principal: A fascist dictator. Think the principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Whitley – The Head Cheerleader: Attractive, snobby, and vain. Must cheer/dance and have energetic/fun personality. Acting experience is not a must.
The Heathers – Cheerleader #1 and #2: Whitley’s back up cheerleaders. Must cheer/dance and have energetic/fun personality. Acting experience is not a must.
Kerrie – The Spaz: A petite, sweet, hyper nerd. Surprisingly cute, once she removes the glasses and headgear. Missy – The Head of the Prom Committee: Perfect, but way too perky. Think Reese Witherspoon in Election.
DJ Johnny Hughes – The DJ: Extremely charismatic, high energy host who can warm up a crowd and keep a party going. DJ’s, stand-up comedians, karaoke hosts, etc. are all encouraged to audition.
Inga – The Swedish Exchange Student: Tall and voluptuous. Speaks with a heavy accent.
Mrs. Lascalzo – The Drama Teacher: A clueless, leftover hippie who loves everyone.
Molly Parker – Freshman: Member of the Freshman Cheerleading Squad and the yearbook committee.
Lloyd Parker – Molly’s Twin: Considered the less cool brother.
Mystery Guest – A 1980’s celebrity impersonator (i.e. Madonna, Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Prince): Performs (or lip syncs) one song at the height of the Prom.

How: Auditions are by appointment only. Email auditions@comcastarenaeverett.com to schedule a time. Please bring a headshot to the audition. This show is PG 13. There will be an honorarium.

Casting Location: Edward D Hansen Conference Center 2000 Hewitt Ave. Everett WA 98201
Contact email: auditions@comcastarenaeverett.com