Moshers Needed for Video


Moshers Wanted for Video Shoot for a Rock Band.

You can be any age between 15-35 . We will pay you total of $ 40 to attend two seperate events total of 3 hours.The first event is just for meeting you and introducing the band , getting familiar with the music.(It will take about 1.5 hour of your time).

Not only you will party like a rockstar, you will make $ 40 (Forty Dollars) in only Three to Four Hours and get free ticket to a banging rock show,party with the rock band. If you are 21 or over , you can get free drinks at the day of event as well.

Interested rock’n rollers, music lovers ,(heavy rock/metal lovers) girl or boy, feeling young and energetic should show up at the meeting this FRIDAY February 5th at 7.00 pm.

For details of this midtown location ;reply via email (and send a picture if you have one, does not have to be good looking either) or
CALL ; 646-250-4646.


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