MTV Casting for Real Haunted House Show

Reality TV Tryouts for MTV

Has living in a real haunted house become your worst nightmare? Do you and your friends want to know the truth behind the uninvited spirits that dwell in your dorm room? Or in your hometown’s hotspots? Do you feel like someone is desperately trying to contact you from beyond, and you need a professional to clear your space…and your mind?
If you or someone you know feels tortured by a ghost, our psychic expert can help you…by helping them to the other side! MTV’s head of casting would LOVE to hear all about those noises that keep you awake at night, the urban legend that haunts your best friend’s neighborhood bar or the spirit that’s driving your college roommates insane. We want real people seeking answers for their personal paranormal problems.

If you appear to be between the ages of 18 and 25, and you would like our medium’s help, please let us know a little bit about yourself by sending us an email at¬† Please include your contact info (full name, age & phone number), a detailed account of the haunting (including any video or photos you may have), and a picture of yourself as well as the witnesses involved in your paranormal experience.