MTV Casting Teens for “I am 16 and I…”

MTV is casting teens for a new documentary project they are producing. MTV is looking for 16 year olds that have amazing stories of accomplishments such as being already in college, sports accomplishments, new inventions. Things that many adults may have not done by the time they are 40. You must be 16 years of age to be cast for the show.

MTV knows that 16 is an important age in your life for many reasons. It’s a time when many teens are thinking about driving, college, dating and their futures but for some they’re already doing something amazing. MTV is searching for 16 year olds that have an amazing story for a new documentary that will explore all the ways teens are spending their 16th year. May be you’re already in college, you’re emancipated, you’re autistic but have accomplished something big, you’re a female that competes in extreme sports, have invented something that you sold etc.

If you have an incredible story or are doing something amazing and MOST IMPORTANTLY are 16 years of age than please send your name, contact info, photo and a brief summary to

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