Music Video Casting Seattle


The band is K Sera, from sacramento, CA, who’s upcoming album was produced by & features thomas dutton (forgive durden) and mixed by casey bates (gatsby’s american dream, portugal the man, chiodos, etc) the song is “Me, Before Women And Children”

we’ll be shooting the video in seattle over 5 days, we need help for two of those: march 13th (courthouse scenes) and march 14th (orchestra/performance scenes).

first things first, this production IS insured so anyone renting/offering gear, etc will be covered.

photographer Kristen Blush will be donating her services as a photographer to all of the participants, so you can get your professional portfolio photo taken while your dressed to the nines!

actors/extras/dancers: *please send picture with email* even a blurry myspace photo will do.

ACTORS (march 13th): need about 15 actors of all types, the roles range from male/female early 20’s to male/female late 60’s. The theme is a senate-ish hearing that has a vintage-style to it. Reporters, “judges”, witnesses, etc. can offer some help with costuming if needed

EXTRAS/MODELS (march 13th): need between 35 to 55 people for the courthouse scenes as well. please email if interested! roles for extras will range from minor to medium.

ORCHESTRA (march 14th): strings, horns, the whole deal. if you play one of these instruments and want to part of an awesome video please email.

DANCERS (march 14th): ballroom style, please email for more details.

CREW/GEAR: need lights, glidecam, vest, dolly and a few more crew members as well. we like to give money to people instead of production houses whenever we can. please email or call.

phone #: 601.392.0744

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