MX REALITY SHOW AUDITIONS!!!! This is a call out to all riders, motocross racers and weekend Warriors,

Supercross SteelRoots is holding open auditions this May 2010 at 6 specially selected locations in the USA. New York , Georgia, Nebraska, Texas, California and Washington in search of the next Supercross Champion.

X Supercross Champion Jeff Ward, BTO Sports, Vince Arimitsu, Illuminary Pictures, Sean Lourdes, Masiella Lusha, Avid MX Rider and Record Producer Ross Robinson, Bonsia Films, Supercross Rider Cole Seely, and his Manager Brian Seigrest, Producer Director and Show creator and X FMXer Andrew Priestman are just a few of the people involved in making this project all happen!!.

Don’t wait! Register now for your Audition online at for your chance to join the cast of Supercross Steelroots and ride your way to a spot on a Pro Supercross Team for 1 year to put your skills to the test you have been dreaming of.

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