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By | March 26, 2010

Auditions will be held on the 30th for a non-union, touring, production of “Fiddler on the Roof”. This is a paid acting job with a national tour. Open casting calls will be held for Singers and dancers for the play. This is the 2010 – 2011 tour of the production and rehearsals are set to begin in late summer / early fall , September 2010. All positions are paid (Salary + Per Diem + Housing + Health Insurance).

Actors, singers and dancers wishing to audition are asked to prepare a brief musical theatre song that shows range and personality. Please also bring your book in case you are asked to sing another selection. Bring a Picture/Resume and sheet music in the appropriate key.

Dave Clemmons Casting is casting this production

Seeking Non-Equity :
Tevye: To play 35- 55 Dairy man, father of five daughters. A dreamer. Lives his faith and values its traditions. Must be an excellent singer/actor with an exuberant personality.

Golde: To play 35 to 55 Dairy farmer’s wife. Looks older than her age from the hard lifestyle. Strong willed. A disciplinarian. Able to convey a command with a look or a clap of the hands.

Tzeitel: Female 18+ to play 20s. Eldest daughter. A cut from her mother’s apron. Wants to be a good mother and wife in the tradition of her faith. Strong belt & excellent comedic skills.

Hodel: Female 18+ to play 20s. 2nd eldest daughter. Opinionated and strong willed. Knows the teachings of her faith. Has very definitive ideas about marriage. To marry a man who is learned is a prerequisite. Warm soprano.

Chava: Female 18+ to play late teens. 3rd eldest and Tevye’s favorite daughter. Like him, a dreamer. Likes to read, lives her life in worlds where her books takes her. Just crossing over from child to young lady with the innocence of a young child. Strong dancer a plus.

Shprintze/Bielke: 18 and up to play 8-12 Tevye’s youngest daughters. Very dutiful in their place as children.

Yente: Female to play 40s-50s. The town matchmaker. A widow. Always busy with a sense of no time to slow down, even in her conversations. Character belt.

Lazar Wolf: Male to play 50- 60. Town butcher, wealthiest man in town. Strong and big in stature. A widower. A sense of the finer things in life but a bit crude in presence due to the nature of his work.

Motel: Male 18+ to play 20s. A tailor. Thin and lanky. Very quiet & reserved in his manner. A hard worker striving to make ends meet to support himself and marry Tzeitel. Baritone-Tenor.

Perchik: Male 18+ to play 20s. A student and revolutionary who has his own ideas about the problems of the world and his people, and has the answers to solve them. Attracted to Hodel and the intellectual challenge she presents. Baritone.

Fyedka: Male 18+ to play 20s. Russian peasant. Enjoys reading and has a very gentle manner. Displays a sense of respect for people, including those of the Jewish community. Has very strong feelings for Chava. Excellent Tenor.

Constable: Male to play 40s. The local law official. Very much a peasant himself, with a sense of duty to his job. Treats all with equal respect, but considers himself a cut above the rest (most notably the Jewish population) due to the uniform he wears.

Character men who are excellent singers/actors for the roles of AVRAM, NACHUM, RABBI, MORDCHA and other PAPAS and SONS.

Women of various ages who are excellent singers/actors for the roles of GRANDMA TZEITEL and MAMAS and DAUGHTERS.

Please note that at the audition an accompanist will be provided.

Audition dates are as follows:

FEMALE SINGER/ACTORS: Monday, March 29, 2010 @ 10 AM

MALE SINGER/ACTORS: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 10 AM

The audition location:
Pearl Studios, 12th Fl.
500 8th Avenue

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