Open Casting Call for Pilot | Roswell

By | March 19, 2010

Open Casting call for a pilot called “Izzy and The Caveman”. Auditions will be held for multiple roles listed below.


Male European – Caucasian 35-50 yrs. Old “Guy”
Athletic, attractive European Male with heavy accent. Character is a cocky, arrogant antagonist. A ladies man, competitive, works as the manager of a fine dining restaurant.

Male Caucasian 20-35 yrs. Old “James”
Tallish, thin, awkward, works as a waiter in a fine dining restaurant, has OCD, is a hypochondriac and germaphobe with occasional bouts of Turrets Syndrome.

Male European – Caucasian 45-60 yrs. Old “Nord”
Shorter, works as kitchen manager/cook of fine dining restaurant. Generally disagreeable and unhappy.

Male Caucasian – Bearded 25-40 yrs. Old 4 Needed
Four bearded, plus-size males needed, live together, share a car, have a band and work as caterers.

Male Hispanic 20-35 yrs. Old “Pablo”
Works as a cook in the kitchen of fine dining restaurant.

Male Hispanic 20-30 yrs. Old “Ramon”
Flamboyant homosexual, works as a prep cook/dishwasher in fine dining restaurant.

Female African American 35-50 yrs. Old “Nurse”
Works as a nurse who is agitated and upset.

Female European – Caucasian 35-45 yrs old “Guy’s Ex”
Materialistic, spite-full ex-girl friend interviewed about past relationship.

Female Caucasian 45-55 yrs old “Janet”
Timid legal secretary.

Female Caucasian 25-35 yrs old “Crane”
Corporate executive assistant

Female Caucasian – Brunette 25-35 yrs old “Rebecca”
Attractive, single, ditz, works as a caterer part-time while going to school.

Female Caucasian – Blonde 20-30 yrs old “Kelly”
Attractive, engaged, ditz, works as a caterer part-time to save for wedding expenses.


Audition location, date and time:
Saturday March 20th from 6-8pm & Tuesday March 23rd from 7-9pm on location at 25 Plum St. Roswell GA 30075.

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