Reality TV Auditions in New York, “How well do you know the neighborhood”


New York City Auditions

Reality TV tryouts for a show called ” How well do you know your neighborhood” This is a payed gig for residents in the New York City area who want to be on a internet video and… Know everything going on in their neighborhood! How many stories can you tell about your neighbors? Are some celebrities in your neighborhood?

Do you know your neighborhood inside and out? Like telling stories about real people? Interested in journalism? Love producing creative video for the web but tired of not getting paid or recognized for it?

If so, we may have some fun and interesting paid video assignments for you that allow you to shoot, produce and edit short and compelling online videos about your neighborhood. Have some great insider “hood” gossip? If so, this may be the show for you!

Webseries casting

A nationally known online video company is looking for local video journalists to generate short (around a minute) news-feature video stories in their neighborhoods in New York City. We are looking for compelling journalistic videos about local neighborhood celebrities, or that show us what?s going on in the area and what’s on the locals’ minds, or share some interesting factual nuggets about places (what is under that parking lot on the corner?), or that feature offbeat, weird or quirky people or places. Bottom line is that these should be videos that have story hooks and that others in your neighborhood would be interested in watching online.

Quality of the videos should feel semi-professional (not user-generated), but beyond that we?re open to most cameras (i.e. Flip HD is OK) as long as you meet 3 criteria: high-quality audio (lav or shotgun mic), steady shots (tripod) and you can tell a good story through video.Length of videos is short — anywhere from :45 to around 2:00.

Whether you?re an experienced video pro or a talented journalism student, we?d love to hear from you, review your neighborhood video ideas with you and hopefully give you the green light to shoot a few. All serious inquiries will get a response. This is a great opportunity to get your video talents and your neighborhood recognized.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email and tell us a little about yourself, your experience, equipment and neighborhood, along with an idea or 2 if you have one. Thanks!