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Toronto – Sci-Fi/Comedy Feature Film
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Toronto

Casting for sci-fi/comedy film to be shot in Toronto, Hamilton and the Barrie area, end of 2010-2011.
Acting experience is not necessary but is a big plus. Auditions will be in Toronto, Sunday October 3.
Non-union production. No pay, cast will receive DVD copy of film, on-screen credit, invites to premiere and wrap party.
Chance to work with industry professionals.

If interested please submit resume and headshot(s) to:

**Only those candidates selected for auditions will be contacted with info, thank you.**

Indicate which character(s) you feel you are right for:

PROF. ANDRE MONTPELIER – a genius Oxford professor, male, all ages and races considered
PROF. SIDNEY HUDELSON – the professor’s student (and later replacement), female, any race, age 20-30
PROF. STEVES – Seeking a little person. Another genius professor, male, any age.

DR. CRANNIX – 1950s sci-fi mad scientist type, good evil laugh, strong comic actor, male, any race, age 25+
TIME OFFICER THX-1078 – a very serious, heroic, time travelling policeman, male, any race, age 25-40
DETECTIVE NILSSON – a tough but by-the-book detective, raincoat-and-fedora type, male, any race, age 25-40
OFFICER TAYLOR – police office, male or female, any race, age 20-30
CHIEF TIME GUARDIAN – very serious with air of authority, accent a plus, male or female, age 40+

VALLA DIA – assistant to a mad scientist, female, any race, age 20-30
DAN FORSYTH – assistant to Prof. Montpelier, intimidating male, any race, age 20-30
PARK RANGER JOSEPH LOANE – likeable male, any race, age 20-30
MRS. BRENT – looking for emotional type, able to scream/cry, female, age 50+
SECURITY GUARD (CARLA) – Female, any race, any age
HEAD JANITOR – Male, 50+, any race, gruff voice
CINDY JANNIS (TIME COP) – Female, sexy, 20-30, any race
DENNIS – Very large (tall and fat/muscular) male student, 20-25, any race

**There are also several smaller roles for male/female, any race, any age, various types.
If you are not right for the above roles, feel free to submit anyway.

Please submit to:

Casting Location: Toronto
Contact email: