TV show Casting Call | Boston


Casting call for comedy TV series in Boston, MA
“Every Shade of Wrong” is a film noir style dark comedy television show. It is directed, written and executed by Emerson students through the college’s Award Winning Emerson Channel. It is an episodic narrative shot on location throughout the city of Boston.

We are casting 7 main characters plus extras for 6 episodes to be shot in October through December 2010. You will get exposure on The Emerson Channel, online distribution, and the episodes will be submitted to the College Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Auditions for non-union actors only will be held at Emerson College in Boston, MA on October 12-13 and 15-16 with callbacks held on the 17th.

Those interested should prepare one comedic and one dramatic monologue, no more than 2 minutes combined. You will also be asked to cold read sides from the script.

For more information and to schedule an audition, please contact

breakdown of the character descriptions:

Tom – Male. Young twenty-something. Average Height and Build. Reactive and fidgety but confident not mopey. Speaks faster than most but doesn’t ramble. Carries an air of arrogance but not an ass;

Adams – Male. Mid Thirties. Tall and Medium Build. Rigid, militaristic but calm and controlled. Has a son so can be caring and heartfelt;

Mare – Female. Young twenty-something. Average Height. Petite to Average Build. Caring and doting. Slightly Reserved but confident especially around Tom;

Dodgson – Male. Mid Thirties. Tall and Medium Build. A suave gentleman. Elegant speaker. A calm demeanor with a tinge of instability/insanity. Devilish;

Liz – Female. Young twenty-something. Average Height, Petite to Average Build. Manipulative and Shallow but not clueless;

Arthur – Male. Young Teen around 13. Short Height and Small Build. Quiet, Reserved,
Intelligent, in no way a whiny teen;

Elle – Female. Mid to Upper twenties. Taller Height. Average Build. Straight Laced, Confident, and Direct woman of action.