UK Casting “B Team” | University of Manchester


Auditions are on Friday 26th between 4pm and 6pm.
If interested please call Megan on 07791022890 for details.
We will be filming over a 3 week period between March 8th and March 26th 2010.

As students at The University of Manchester, we are doing a docufiction course where we are making a 10-15min short film which has been filmed in a documentary style with a fictional narrative. The actors will be given a brief outline of their characters and the action that is to take place in each scene. It is then down to them to improvise the action and dialogue. If you are eager to explore your acting capability through improvisation in front of a camera, this project is for you.

The film focuses on a netball team that has just won the semi-final for a very important tournament. With the final fast approaching, the mockumentary explores the dynamics of the team as they practice and party together. However, 3 days before the all important final, Centre 1 has a catastrophic accident that renders her unable to play. A new member is found and although Centre 2 is extremely friendly and trying to bond with the team, she just can’t seem to compete with Centre 1. Focusing on group dynamics and how the loss of one member may entirely tear apart the team, ‘The Team’ will delve into the lives of team members as they face their biggest challenge. Can they win the final match of their most important tournament yet, or will the injury of their most important team member ruin all their hopes and dreams.


1) Female / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Goal Attack is the leader of the team. An incredibly strong character, she frequently grasps the camera’s attention and quite often litters her dialogue with profound mentaphors concerning the game and team work. Naturally, she does not take to the change in dynamics upon the arrival of Centre 2 and feels threatened by the way the rest of the team responds to her. Goal Attack’s relationship to Centre 2 is integral to the conflict within the film as her reaction to the newcomer could at times be considered relatively hostile. If this were an american teen drama, Goal Attack would most definately be the head cheer leader.

2) Female / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Wing Attack is quiet and very passive. Having been a close friend of Goal Attack for many years now, she complies with every request and order. Clearly unhappy with the situation but unable to find the courage to change it, her life continues to be dominated. Upon the arrival of Centre2 however, everything changes. Wing Attack becomes friends with Centre2 and in boosting her confidence, Centre2 reminds her of how she should be treated as a friend. Nearing the end of the film, Wing Attack has changed and actually finds the courage to tell Goal Attack that she deserves to be treated better.

3) Female / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Goal Shoot is not as dedicated to the game as Goal Attack would like. Recently having had her second child, her life has become a whirlwind and making it to practice on time has become the least of her problems. She does love the game and has a special friendship with most of the girls, which is why she is able to handle the torrent of abuse that flies at her on her late arrivals. An integral member of the team, Goal Shoot’s everyday distractions are mounting and her distraction when is front of the post has led to many a missed goal. Will she be able to maintain a clear head during the final and shoot that winning goal, or will the failure of the match be down to her?

4) Female / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Goal Keeper has found a friend in netball and greatly relies on her team mates as she has very few friends in her day-to-day life. Working in a super market, she still has yet to decide what she wants from life. A predominantly happy person, Goal Keeper is excellent in her position and frequently tries to cheer the others up in moments of doubt and unease. She is not particularily book smart, but does have a heart of gold and avoids confrontation at all costs.

5) Female / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Wing Defence is best friends with Goal Defence, working together, living together and even playing netball together. Two peas in a pod, who could not get along better, until one of them forgets to feed the cat or switch the heating off. Domestic issues frequently enter the court and on occassion leads to an underlying tension – it is therefore fortunate that both characters play defence as in doing so they rid themselves of their previous tensions.

6) Female / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Goal Defence as previously stated is besties with Wing Defence. Their boyfriends are even best friends and they can quite often be seen attending the local bingo hall together on a Friday night. Although she is not the most exciting person that one would encounter, Goal Defence is a reliable player who is eager to win.

7) Female / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Centre 1 is a fundamental player on the team. Frequently bringing in brownies to keep the girls happy or just double checking to confirm Goal Attack’s booking of the mini-bus for next week, Centre1 is the back bone of the team. The unsung hero, she does not mind when she is over shadowed by Goal Attack as she just wants what is best for the team. It is for this reason that her accident is so heart breaking as it is unclear how the team will cope without her motherly presence. Having got the team this far, Centre 1 is merely able to watch their progress from the sidelines, praying that they make it through to the very end.

8) Female / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Centre 2 is probably the most level headed of all the girls, but it’s for this reason that she can’t quite fit in. With the same dedication as Centre 1, she attempts to take on her role completely, even remembering to bring in the snacks. This does not earn her brownie points however as she didn’t bring in the right snack. No matter how hard she tries, nothing seems good enough, and leading up to the final, she encounters snide remarks from Goal Attack, makes a new friend in Wing Attack and even assists lonely Goal Shoot in her quest to find a man. With the team taking so long to warm up to her, one can only wonder if she will be able to fit in on time to win the all important match.

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