Voice Over Auditions – Youtube animated series

The Dissidia Project

Auditions have once again returned and we have 8 roles up that need some filling, so if you are interested and are willing to dedicate your time into this series please audition, all are welcome!

Voices for the characters below can be similar to their real voice actors or your own interpretation of that character.

Here are the characters up for grabs and their lines:

Line 1 – Can you overcome me?
Line 2 – I’ll erase you!
Line 3 – No… I am your brother!

Line 1 – I am the mighty, Sephiroth!
Line 2 – Damnit! I don’t like that version!
Line 3 – You are nothing but a puppet.

Line 1 – Hatred is what drives me!
Line 2 – Do you wish to find the way to the laboratory?
Line 3 – He comes for you.

Line 1 – Ya snooze, ya lose!
Line 2 – See ya!
Line 3 – You’re still upset with me? Just let it go man.

The next 4 are clones, the 4 all have just one line. However when auditioning for these guys do a couple takes saying the line in different ways. Have fun with it!

Clone Bartz
Line 1 – I am a Mime of Wandering.

Clone Cloud
Line 1 – I am a SOLDIER of Shinra.

Clone Zidane
Line 1 – I am a Thief of Tantalus.

Clone Gabranth
Line 1 – I am a Judge Magister of Archadia

Auditions will close on January 7th, 2011.

Send auditions to: thedissidiaproject@gmail.com

For those of you curious as to what The Dissidia Project is, here is a link to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDissidiaProject

Take a look around if you’d like and good luck to all who audition!