Voiceover Casting Call | DC

Rock Creek Productions is producing a Documentary film entitled “Stealing the Light” which examines the theory that education can promote peace in conflict-affected countries, specifically Afghanistan.

We are looking for VO actors to play the voices of real-life Afghani male students that were interviewed for the Documentary film. The voices do not need to be middle-eastern or have an accent. This film is set to have its world premiere screening date in New Mexico on April 9th.

Here are the roles we need to fill:
Age range – 18-30 (must sound like you are in this age range)

Ali – Strong, sincere, concerned, most mature out of the 3 students
Obaildulla – speaks a little faster, doesn’t draw out his words, higher pitched, young
Omar Khan – Appears to be cheeky, but is still concerned about his school, a little more shy

General info: These interviews were all done outside, they’re talking directly to the camera, and they’re being interviewed amongst the rubble of their torn down school.

This film is fiscally sponsored by Documentary Educational Resources (www.der.org) a non-profit organization. We are looking for talent that is willing to be flexible with their rates and/or accept deferred payment.

In-home studio access is strongly preferred. Please send links to audio samples if you have them. please contact filmmakers through their website at http://www.peacethrougheducationfilm.com/
no phone calls – email is posted on their site above

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