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Feature Film Audition Notice

“Newborne County”

15th Floor Pictures & Dooley Eagle Moving Picture Company

Two young award-winning filmmakers are directing their first feature film, and are looking for talented actors and actresses for a wide range of dramatic roles. In this edgy small town thriller, a hard-drinking sixteen-year-old girl tries to catch her sister’s killer, and clear her accused brother’s name.

The film will be shot in Georgia and its crew will be predominantly sourced by the Georgia film community. The shooting dates will be primarily long weekends from late August 2011 through early October 2011. We are looking to cast the roles listed below, please send your resumes and headshots to, thank you.

C.J: 15-18; Female; Caucasian; underfed and poorly-kept. She is strong-willed, brash, solitary and violent. She is a high school dropout who pays off her mother’s financial debts by working for a local drug dealer. Though she is a product of Newborne County, she aspires to leave it as soon as she can afford to do so. C.J. resents the obligation of family and has a distant relationship with both Kevin and Sarah. Actresses with natural athletic ability or fight training are desired. PRINCIPAL ROLE.

CRAWFORD: 25-30; Male; Any Ethnicity; tall, handsome, athletic build. He is not only Kevin’s best friend, but also a fellow ex-Marine. He leads a seemingly idyllic life with his pregnant wife, Jessica, but behind this good-natured exterior is a man who will do anything to protect Kevin, to whom he owes his life. Actors with natural athletic ability are desired. PRINCIPAL ROLE.

KEVIN: 25-30; Male; Caucasian; thin, wiry, and grungy. C.J.’s older brother, a sympathetic ex-Marine who is haunted by his actions in the War on Terror. A drinker as well as a victim of PTSD, he struggles to remember events day-to-day and sometimes lapses into his memories from his time as a Marine, making it difficult for him to be any sort of support to his family. He saved Crawford’s life while in the service. SUPPORTING ROLE.

ZEEK: 25-35; Male; Any Ethnicity. The resident drug dealer in Newborne, he is vicious, unforgiving, and cruel. He holds C.J.’s family responsible for the debts Denise owes him. He is horrifically scarred across his entire body as a result of a chemical explosion. SUPPORTING ROLE.

THOMAS: 35-55; Male; Any Ethnicity. He is C.J., Sarah, and Kevin’s social case worker. City born and modestly well-off, he is considered an outsider by most people in Newborne. Deemed untrustworthy by C.J, he is eerily concerned with the family’s well-being, especially Sarah’s. SUPPORTING ROLE.

SARAH: 9-12; Female; Caucasian; small and underfed. She is motherly, nurturing and mature beyond her years. Sarah pays the family’s bills and takes care of Kevin while their mother is in prison. SUPPORTING ROLE.

JESSICA: 20-30; Female; Any Ethnicity. She is quiet and removed, a foil to Crawford. Jessica is disapproving of C.J. and resents Crawford’s instinct to protect Kevin and Kevin’s family at all costs. She is seven months pregnant and will fight to protect and shelter her child from the corruption of Newborne. SUPPORTING ROLE.

DENISE: 45-50; Female; Caucasian; gaunt, menacing, a shell of a person. Denise is the reason behind C.J.’s family’s woes. A now-imprisoned drug addict, she is vicious to others and without sympathy for her children. ONE SCENE.

OFFICER FRANKLIN: 30-50; Male; Any Ethnicity. He is a police officer in Newborne County. Physically imposing, he is suspicious of C.J.’s activities within the town. MULTIPLE SCENES.

OFFICER NATALIE: 25-35; Female; Any Ethnicity. She is a police officer in Newborne County. Good cop to Officer Franklin’s bad cop, sympathetic to Kevin and C.J.’s predicament. MULTIPLE SCENES.

RANDALL: 50-60; Male; Any Ethnicity. The bus station ticket attendant who informs C.J. of the ticket prices out of Newborne. TWO SCENES.

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
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