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By | November 23, 2011

CASTING Feature Horror Movie “The Blood Abductions ” PAID

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Nationwide
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“Blood Abductions”

When a group of young urbans decide to go camping in the woods of an old haunted slave plantation, they find out that sometimes the dead have reasons to return.
It is said that Herman Koomba is only an imagination, dreamed up by campers. It is also said that with enough blood he can and will live.



Black Male age 25 – 30
A young architect fresh from college. It’s his birthday weekend and he wants to try something different. His friend Levi offers to take him on a camping trip. He has been Having crazy nightmares about the woods since he was young. Now he figure if he faced his fears, they will stop. He agrees and brings his girlfriend Tyesha.


White male age 25 – 30
He is a good friend of Matthew. He is also an architect.He feels that this would be a good opportunity to bond with his date Karen.


White female age 21 – 26
Karen is Levi’s date.


Male age 19-25
Gary is Matthew’s younger brother. Everything is a big joke to him.


Female age 19-25
Tyesha is Matthew’s girlfriend.


Female age 19-25
Shan is Gary’s girlfriend. She is very scary. She was nearly forced To go out into the woods on this camping trip.


Female age 16 – 18
Lea is Tyesha’s cousin from Louisiana.She is very creepy. Her grandmother recently died. But before she died, she taught her everything she knew about voodoo.

Herman Koomba (Killer):

Black Male 38 – 45
It is said that he is only an imagination, dreamed up by campers. It is also said that with enough blood he can and will live.

Dying Woman:

Female age 19-25
Dies terribly in the opening scene.

Filming begins, spring 2012

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email:

8 thoughts on “Auditions for Actors Horror Movie – Nationwide

  1. Jakoby Sanchez

    Hi my names Jakoby. I love acting especially in horror movies so contact me about this, thank you very much.


  2. Phillip lovoy

    Hi my name is Phillip Lovoy and I need a part in any horror films to see who does casting in my age group which is 45 and male.

  3. Jennifer Stewart

    Height: 5″9′
    Eye color: Green/ Blue
    Hair color: dark brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    I am Jennifer Stewart. I am 15 years old very soon to be 16. I am casting for the role of Lea. I am very expierienced with horror movies since I was exposed to horror movies at a young age. All of my life I have wanted to do horror acting all of my life. I am able to scream and cry on command. I hope you accept my offer and help make my dreams of being a horror actress (maybe scream queen one day) come true. Thank you!!!!

  4. LatoshaWatson

    I would love to play Tyeasha, I’ve been looking for scary movies to audition for a week. Pleaseeeee email me. I really want a part.

  5. vanessa perez

    were r dha audition for the mindlesss behavior movie in dallas texas

  6. Jasmine Staten

    Im a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl living in Milwaukee! There is not many aditions down here. Im willing to play the part of lea! I like scary movies and been hoping to play in one! I kept saying to myself thatI wish I can play in a scary movie with mindless behavior! They are a singing boy band if you u didn’t know.Im a just a teen who wants to live out her dream and I hope your the ones who can make that happen!

  7. jasmine ruffin

    iI would really love to do this i love to act and im also a model and 16 years old too! i would be intrested in doing this horror film!

  8. Kameron Willliams

    I am a big fan of Horror Movies and from reading what is posted i would definetley be interested in this


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