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Need Singers to form Acappella group ala Sing Off

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Austin, TX

Are you a singer who is looking to be apart of the next great vocal group? Well, this just may be what you’re looking for. Over the next couple of months, my wife and I are recruiting motivated, talented singers to be apart of starting a semi-pro coed a cappella group. After a few auditions, we have gotten some great candidates, but need more male singers, particularly baritones and basses. If you’re a lady, feel free to still contact us! This group will:
• Sing Contemporary Rock/Pop/Soul songs
• Consist of 9-10 members (5 girls, 5 guys) Ages 22-35
• Be high energy, diverse, eclectic, focused, high quality, & family friendly
• Have consistent gigs/ Develop a following in Austin and beyond
• Be a community that become great friends through this process

Sounds interesting? Here is what we are looking for:
• 2 basses/1 baritone/2 tenors/2 altos/1 mezzo/2 sopranos/vocal percussionist
• Men and women ages 22-35
• Deep desire and commitment to excellence
• Some degree of talent ?
• Understands the balance of having great fun and being serious & professional

• Name
• Age
• Voice part
• Singing Experience
• Why Would You Want to be apart of this group?
• Fun facts about you
• Audio/video of you singing is a plus

A little about us:

Darnell — age: 29 — voice part: bass/ vocal percussion — apart of a coed acappella group at UT Austin from 00-04

Lacey – age: 26 — voice part: mezzo — vocalist and multi instrumentalist and current worship leader

Auditions will be held December 4th.If this date does not work for you, please let us know and we will see what accommodations we can make before that date to hear you.

Casting Location: Austin, TX
Contact email:

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  1. Dayjour Johnson

    Hello My Name Is Dayjour Johnson i am a very confident person. i am determined to follow my dreams and to show the world what i can do. i sing,dance,act,model, and draw . i believe God gave me all these talents for a reason, and i believe he didnt put me on this Earth to fear it, but he did it so i can show the World & incourage others. I love singing so much its one of my favorite talents and if i could show billions & trillions of people i would. Thank you for reading this and have a amazing Day God Bless ! (TeamDayjour)


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