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Casting notice posted by the Producer
Casting notice posted on, casting location: London
This is an MA degree short film for our graduation project. We have had one audition and already got most of roles. According to the script, we need a South Asian actor between 13-16 years old. This role is the leading character’s best friend.

Muhammad:Muhammad is 15, of average build he speaks with a west London accent. He is Max’s best friend and provides a sounding block for Max’s inner thoughts as Max generally doesn’t share personal feelings. He has no interest in Magic the Gathering, but is open to the idea of learning. He comes from a small family with a strong patriarchal framework, in place of any visible hobbies he commits most of his free time to his studies. He is passive around but his closest friends.

The shooting date is from 28th August to 2nd Sept.

Please contact me for more information asap if you are interested.

OMG MTG Production

Casting Location: London
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