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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta
Voice Actor Casting Call for the Harry Strange Radio Drama

An open casting call for Season 2 (episodes 1-6) of the audio-drama Harry Strange is underway. Casting includes primary characters as well as secondary characters appearing the first six episodes.

Harry Strange is a weekly radio drama is a radio serial stylized on the classic radio dramas of the 40s and 50s playing against a contemporary backdrop. It that tells the tale of a private investigator whose beat takes him into the supernatural. Set in the town of Night Falls, Harry fights demons, elder gods, vampires and the occasional renegade priest. The show is up for several awards and currently airs on two college stations in the US and a nostalgia radio station in Canada. Weekly episodes are also available as free downloads on iTunes, the Blackberry Directory, and other rss aggregators.

Compensation is in credit and samples. Completed audio CDs will be given to the cast and crew at the end of the of the season.

Preferences are for local (Atlanta/Cobb) area performers, but all recordings will be considered. Recording sessions will be held at Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, GA) on Sundays from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. The first session is July 31 and runs through September 11 (with a week off for Labor Day/Dragon*Con).

Mp3 at 44.1Khz 128 bit rate
Record each line separately
Label as follows: your name_character_line#.mp3
Send as a zip to

In the email please include the following:
Your real name
Phone/Skype (Skype is a requirement for actors out of the Atlanta area)
Willingness to perform in front of a live audience (not a requirement, just a nice to know)

Audition lines (These are in order of episode appearance, NOT (P)rimary or (F)eatured)

Lash (F)
Demon/Succubus – Leader of a team and Lilith’s right hand girl

Line #1:
Shut up worm boy.

Line #2
SILENCE! I have a proposition for you, Finny. Find Strange and call me. The girls and I will take it from there.

Line #3
Then I suggest you get busy. The girls and I are not happy when we don’t get our way. And believe me, we’re in a good mood tonight. Imagine what we do when we aren’t happy.

Leather (F)
Demon/Succubus Sister to Lace

Line #1
You should listen to her. She really enjoys using that whip.

Line #2
Lash is our leader, Lilith is our mistress. We have our orders. How many have you killed tonight?

Line #3
Not the apes, Lace–there is a archangel nearby. We need to go. Now.

Butcher/Mole-Man/Police Officer (F)
Male-Age Various

This is essentially a voice for ‘Red Shirt’ or male characters who have one or two lines per episode. We will need a few of these.

Line #1:
Your best zombie grunt/moan

Line #2:
I will dine on the flesh of your women. I will drink the blood from their skulls.

Line #3
Dude, you gotta get off that diet, it’s making you crazy.

Line #4 (Early 20s, sexy male)
I’ve never met anyone like you. Wow–if you can make me feel this way with just a kiss…

Brother Andrew (F)

Line #1
The rescue party who searched for him-found his organs suspended in the air on sticks and bones. The prisoners had rendered the rest of the monk and were eating his flesh.
Did you really think you could hide them there? Was that really your best choice?.

Line #2
There are enough explosives under this building to leave a crater laced with holy oil and salt 15 stories deep. The catacombs go on almost forever-but it would be enough to seal them in.

Detective Smith (F)
Male- 20s-30s

Line #1
She’s like the Sphinx sir. Not moving at all.

Line #2
He and his men are in the video conference room on the first floor.

Macey (P)
Female – 30s

Line #1
(SAD AND HELPLESS) Please, we don’t want to die here.

Line #2
Well I’m not staying here Mister. I don’t suppose you have another sword stashed anywhere?

Line #3
Friends? Tell these beasts to release me and I’ll kill you myself.

Martha (F)
Female – 20s

Line #1
He can handle more than than…oh my. He just tore off his shirt.

Line #2
Am I the only one who sees his chest? It’s like it was chiseled out of stone. Even his ink is hot. What’s your new friend’s name?

Line #3
Fine, you get him first. I just want him to rub my–

Judy (F)
Female – 30s

Line #1
If you could point us to the door…we really don’t want to go any further into this rabbit hole.

Line #2
Martha! You do realize we may die down here? Right?

Cherub (P)
Angel- The most innocent and powerful of all angles. Should sound innocent and child like with a hint of danger.

Line #1
How is it you speak to us with such impertinence? Of all the mortals and favorites, some far more pious and deserving than you–you are one of the few whose looked us in the eyes.

Line #2
You are confounded if you believe that you–Harry Strange–has the same right to free will as any other mortal. Everything in the cosmos has a cause and an effect. You, Strange, are no different. Your action or inaction has great consequence for races beyond just the mortals. You must do as ordained.

Auditions close 7/17/2011

Please mail your samples, per the instructions above to

Note that all material is Copyright (C) 2011 by Tony Sarrecchia.

Casting Location: Atlanta
Contact email:

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  1. Lynne McKenzie-Golding

    I am a novice of commentary. Excellent verbal skills, with some voice training.
    Often complimented on verbal execution, tone and delivery. I also possess a talent for singing and known for my naturally sarcastic humor. Would love an opportunity to work within commercial, broadcasting, voice over, commentary or advertising venues.


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