CASTING CALL: “CHATLINE” the movie. (Comedy) PAID $3k – $15k
Casting notice posted on, casting location:
This film is to be distributed worldwide on DVD and through Video on Demand.
There is compensation for all of the roles in this film.
Filming begins on the 25th of Feb. you must available then and up to 21 days after. This depends on your role in the movie.

VISIT For audition Info

Compensation is $3,000 up to $15,000 – This depends on role played.
Extras – $75 per 8 hour workday.

“Chat Line the Movie”


26 Year old Female Beautiful, Stuck up, and a secret prostitute online.
In the beginning, she didn’t like the chatline.
CL Name Strawberry.
(Female 20-29 years old)

30 year old female. She is quiet, smart, gorgeous and have no plans to settle down. She is an excellent Business Woman.
(Female 25-34 years old)

A 19 year old female Beauty. She sits at home all day on the chat line.
A roommate of Stacie and Mckenzi.
CL Name Lovely
(Female 18-25 years old)

34 years old. Female with an extremely sexy voice. But she is very plus sized and continues to eat a lot.
CL Name Muffin
(Female 30-37 years old)

Jonathan Borts
Mistaken to be the son of the famous Neal Boortz.
CL Name JB
(Male age 26-30 years old)

Harry Dikenbols
Corny male. Mid 20’s. Has no luck on the chat line. He winds up with very unusual dates.
(Male 23-28 years old)

. Self titled “The Chat Line King” He is a daily caller. A daily dater. Never Dates the same girl twice.
Very Suave, sophisticated, and laid back.
CL Name Duvaaaall
(Male age 26-30 years old)

Male Clean cut, smart, has a great job, and sounds like a white guy when he is on the chatline.
(Male Mid 20’s)

Baby Blue
The infamous Baby blue gets most of his chatline excitement by going into Party rooms an ruining conversations by Blowing on the phone. He is also known as the Chatline bandit.
(Male. Early 20’s)

Chatline name “Sexy Red”
Looks very nice. Gets enjoyment from going out with younger men.
(Female age 36-40)

Chatline Voice
The voice of the chatline. Professional.
Male 27-40.

Many smaller roles are available so if you do not fit any of these characters, please feel free to participate anyway.

Casting Location:
Contact email:

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2 thoughts on “CASTING CALL: “CHATLINE” the movie

  1. Samantha

    Would love to take Laurens character and make her someone no one would forget in this film! This ouline seems interesting and sounds like it would capture an audience. Would love an e-mail back on parts left!

  2. James Faren

    Interesting in making this film a big success, and working with fellow actors to see where we can take the characters. Hopefully will hear back from you, and we can begin working on this film. Definitely can play at least three of the male roles, but just want to audition and prove my skills.


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