Casting Call for Girls in Miami – reality TV


Casting Call for Local Girls in Miami Area
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Miami, FL
Miami – Based Production Company is holding a casting call
for a “local girl” in Miami area. One girl will be selected to host a reality TV Show for a major network.

Requirements: Women: All ethnicities Ages 18- 25
• Availability to work
• Must be able to shot daytime and/or weekends

We’re looking for a host with a high energy, fun and entertaining personality, Adventurous, Fearless, in shape. You will be doing some extreme sports in the show, like skydiving, surfing, scuba diving, and more. (No experience needed) You will always be doing this with the help of professionals. Also you will be
Volunteering in your community. Acting experience is a plus, but not required. This is a once in a lifetime shot.

If you think you have what it takes, send us an email.
Include your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and a brief BIO telling us about yourself, and in your opinion what makes
You “The Girl” for this show. Attach 3 recent PHOTOS of you including a headshot and full body shot. Include your
Resume and links to any other web pages/videos/social-profiles that will give us an idea of who you are.

If you are selected for the casting, we will contact you.


Casting Location: Miami, FL
Contact email:

3 thoughts on “Casting Call for Girls in Miami – reality TV

  1. Yehuwdiyth

    Hi my name is Yehuwdiyth, I am 17 years old but I will be 18 in February on the 4th. I am 5’9, I have long black hair, my eyes color is dark brown, and I weigh 115 pounds. I am a very hyper/active person and I am very outgoing but sometimes I can be introverted but my crazy side seems to always come out. I have some years of experience in gymnastics and diving, for I took lessons some years back. My skills are performing, singing, skating, surfing, slack lining, gymnastics, and so much more. The word fear to me, means our holding back on living out what you dream and that is whether becoming an actor or doing crazy stunts, however, fear sometimes keep us safe. I really want this opportunity and I looked forwad to future contact. Thanks!

  2. Yehuwdiyth

    I also live in Miami,FL so big woop! 😀

  3. Yehuwdiyth

    For photos please email me and I will upload them to you, also I recently got my phone taken away so no contact there.


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