Casting Call for Miami Plastic in Miami

By | January 11, 2019

Miami Plastic Surgery Reality Show

Location: Miami

Type: Reality TV

MIAMI TV CASTING! Looking for female duos in MIAMI (friends, sisters, Mother Daughter etc) that both plan to get plastic surgery soon and have a good reason for it, an event, a job, a trip etc…. Interviews start this week

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Miami
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Entertainment One

One thought on “Casting Call for Miami Plastic in Miami

  1. Kristen Schettino


    MY name is Kristen Schettino. I am a 35 year old divorced single mother of 3. I Divorced to free myself of my dreams and become a nurse. I also used to be 265. I LOST 100 LBS ALL BY MYSELF WITH DIET AND EXERCISE. I eventually divorced and pursued my next dream to be a nurse. Unfortunately that didn’t happen for me. I Became sick with a rare genetic disease called EDS. I have heds meaning I’m hypermobile. Being said with elher danos syndrome joints are loose and shift, skin is velvety and laxed due to lack of collagen. I have lumbarthoaraco scoliosis, c3 c4 c5 cervical neck is impinged and a herniated disc in my back. I have no real family so support is hard and running out of options. I have a belt of skin laying on my bottom mid section and being I never had real use of my core and having almost 4 kids (one baby lost due to elhers danos manifestations) I need a tummy tuck and to get this weight off me. Losing my hospital job school and I dislocated at work at my second job as a waitress I’m not able to work right now. This is my dream to get better can you please help me? I’ve outlived misplace by a hurricane and fire domestic violence I am a fighter and I believe in God and the divine universes miracles please choose me and god bless.


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