Casting call for Teens in Los Angeles


Now casting teen drivers and teens working on getting their driver’s license.

Teens learning how to drive in L.A.

Are you a teen trying to get your driver’s license?

After years of being stuck at home with your parents you finally have the freedom to get behind the wheel and drive! Getting your driver’s license can be both an exciting and nerve racking experience. Sometimes our parents just don’t understand us and we want to see what your learning experience is like.

Our Cameras will follow you and your Mom/Dad/Guardian as they teach you the skills you’ll need to know in order to get your first driver’s license.

• Are you between the ages of 16-18?
• Are your parents constantly nagging you about your driving skills, making it impossible for you to concentrate on the road and learn anything?
• Are you and your parents so different, it’s just impossible to understand each other?
• Are your parents a little too overbearing which makes you even more nervous behind the wheel?
• Are you and your twin sister/brother learning to drive at the same time?
• Are you excited about finally driving the car you’ve been restoring for years?
• Is your parent a police officer whose law-abiding ways only add to the stress of learning to drive?
• Do you constantly have to tell your parent(s) to hush up while you are driving and they just won’t listen?
• Maybe your parents are horrible drivers! Do you think you know more about driving than they do?

If so then we want to hear from you.
Major Cable Network is looking to follow you and your mom/dad/guardian on your pursuit of learning to drive.

Please email your name, your photo, contact number, city you live in and a brief description of yourself and who is teaching you to drive to:

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