Now Casting FAMILIES for a new major cable network pilot, “THE FATHER PROJECT”.


Iconic Casting is looking for FAMILIES who are willing to
participate in a groundbreaking new show that will transform a once bad dad into

MOM – Is your husband/ex-husband absent from the lives of
your children? Does he
lack patience when it comes to dealing with the kids? Does he put
his friends and/or work before his family?

If your HUSBAND, EX-HUSBAND or BABY’S DADDY needs to change
his ways, then we want to hear your story.

Please email us at the following info

Mom’s Name

Mom’s Age’

Mom’s Occupation

Mom’s Contact Number

Mom’s Email

City and State where Mom lives

Dad’s Name

Dad’s Age

Dad’s Occupation

City and State where Dad lives

Dad’s Contact Number

Dad’s Email

Relationship Status – Married, Divorced, Dating, Etc.

CHILD’S NAME(s) and AGE(s)

Tell us about your current situation. Why does dad need to change his ways? How would your family benefit?

Please attach a PHOTO of the family.

*This is a feel good show trying to help families… Not

exploit them.

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