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Guilt & Fear
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Manhattan
Are you a funny woman who has at least a working familiarity with English? Do you love to hear people laughing, especially when it’s not because you just wet your pants? Are you looking to break into the competitive world of sketch comedy, but just don’t know how? Do these pants make me look fat?

We have a prime time sketch show going up for one weekend, September 29th-October 1st. We need to get rehearsing, but we’re short one actress. That’s where you come in. We’re looking for either a female person with sketch experience or just an actress who knows how to do comedy. The show is called Guilt & Fear. It’s an hour or so of sketches based around the two emotions that run all our lives. It’s being produced by the same folks who did A Night of Shitty Theater, Cows of Love and other stuff you didn’t see and haven’t heard of. This is not a paying gig, but there’s a good chance you’ll get a couple slices of pie. (Not at the audition.)

This show would have you playing a variety of parts with assorted ages, dialects and mental capacities. We need someone versatile. We need someone who knows her way around a spit-take.

Audition is Thursday, 8/25 from 8PM to 10PM at Ripley Grier Studios on 72nd. Each audition is by appointment. Ten minute slots. No prepared monologues necessary. Audition will be a cold read and an interview. Bring headshot and resume. For an audition slot, reply to this ad with a requested time between 8 and 10. I’ll reply with the closest time to your request that I can.

Casting Location: Manhattan
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