Casting Home renovation show


Los Angeles casting call for home renovation / interior design show

  • Does your home need help?
  • Have some home decor issues?
  • Is your home totally outdated and in need of a facelift?
  • Have you ever seen Flipping Out?
  • Know who Jeff Lewis is?

Get the tacky out of your space! Start the new year of 2012 off with some better taste and better decor that you and your spouse can agree on and live with, hopefully.

Jeff Lewis of Flipping out is doing a new show is and is seeking homes that need a major design intervention?

Celebrity designer Jeff Lewis of Bravo’s hit series “Flipping Out” wants to take over your home for a week to makeover your space and restore your relationship!

Do you and your partner have conflicting design tastes OR is your spouse reluctant to part with outdated furnishings or relics of the past? If you are at your wit’s end because your spouse is clinging to tacky items that drastically conflict with your upscale decor, we have a show that can help!

Please send your photos, story, contact info and why you need the intervention of Jeff Lewis to help you and your outdated or tacky home to the following email – Be sure to add photos of the home and family!

Now casting homeowners in the Los Angeles area that really need some interior design help.

Los Angeles Home Show casting

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